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          Three Little Pigs and a Big Wolf
          作者:佚名 來源:本站原創 發布時間:2016-10-30

            The mother Pig gave birth to three little pigs. When they were very young, they should depend on mother pig, when they grew up, they should look after themselves. The first pig built a straw house. The second pig built a wood house. The third pig built a stone house.

            One day, a wolf came to the straw house. “Little pig, open the door! I am your brother”

            “No, no you are a big bad wolf.”

            Then the wolf was angry and blew down the straw house. The first pig ran to the

            wood house.

            The wolf came to the wood house,

            “Little pig, open the door! I am your brother.” “No, no you are a big bad wolf.”

            The big bad wolf was so angry, he blew down the wood house. The two pigs ran to the stone house.

            The wolf came and blew the stone house. He blew and blew, but he did not blow down the stone house. He climbed to the roof and jumped to the chimney.

            There was a big pot of hot water on the fire. The wolf fell into the pot! “Ah!” the wolf died.

            Three little pigs were very happy.

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