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          Look for a Friend
          作者:佚名 來源:本站原創 發布時間:2016-11-30

          Sam is a little fish. He lives in the sea. He is very lonely. He wants to have a friend. The friend looks like him. Sam sees an ink fish. The ink fish has eight legs. He doesn’t look like Sam. So Sam goes away. Sam meets a shark. He wants to say hello to the shark. The shark opens his big mouth. Sam runs away quickly. Sam is tired and hungry. He wants to have a rest. Then he sees a round fish. She says to him. “Hello! Would you like to be my friend?” Sam answers: “Of course! But you are round. I am flat.” The round fish days: “But we are both fishes.”
          Sam thinks and says, “You are right. Let’s be friends.” They become good friends.

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